Next spring’s books

A very exciting day today as two new YA novels have gone off to the copy-editor! We have signed contracts with Katherine Roberts (prize-winning author of I am the Great Horse among others) for Bone Music: the Legend of Genghis Khan and with John Matthews for The Sword of Ice and Fire, a very personal re-interpretation of the youth of King Arthur.

Bone Music is for the very top end of Young Adult reading since, as you might imagine, any story featuring Temujin is going to contain violence and sex. It is a fabulous re-creation of life in the Steppes in the 12th century and the three main characters are unforgettable.

John Matthews has written many books of fiction and non-fiction on Arthurian myth and legend and is steeped in Celtic lore. This is the first in a planned quartet about Arthur and his quest for the four Hallows. You will meet Merlin, Nimue, Bercilak, the Questing Beast, but not as you know them from Malory.