When she was Bad by Amy Lovell

WSWB front cover

It is almost by chance that Léonie Woodbridge finds out that she killed her sister – or did she? A murder mystery with a difference.

It is 1980 when Léonie begins the search for what really happened thirty years before. Her hunt for the truth leads her to suspect everyone and nothing she has been told turns out to be true.

Léonie, dealing with her recurrent nightmares about dolls and clowns, begins to unravel a murder mystery and, in searching for her sister’s killer, finds herself.

Psychologically compelling, Léonie’s story recreates on the page a Fifties childhood beneath whose apparent innocence lie lurking figures of menace and macabre mysteries which spill over into adult life.

“I was immediately hooked by this wonderfully clever, original and compelling novel.” Nicci Gerrard

“A powerful psychological thriller debut by a well-known author hitherto best known for her children’s books hiding behind the Amy Lovell pen-name, this novel ticks many boxes with stunning efficiency. Leonie Woodbridge is seeing Ruth, a psychotherapist, to determine why she has a fertility problem. She has always been under the impression that she accidentally (or was it actually deliberate?) killed her older sister Sidonie, when she only five years old, but as the conversation progresses and she delves into the recesses of her mind, she begins to doubt the story and her long held belief. As the past emerges to the surface, we confront a history of lies, family deception and a puzzle she is forced to reassemble from its shattered pieces. With a strong main character wonderfully fleshed out, grappling with her uncertainties, this is a compelling thriller which will hold you in its grip all the way through to the final page and some fascinating revelations. The stuff of nightmares.” Maxim Jakubowski, Crime Time.

ISBN: 9781911122098; ebook: 9781911122104. Buy on Hive.