The Moon: Symbol of Transformation

Moon fc finalAdult non-fiction, mythology.

We couldn’t resist the chance to re-issue this unique book on the symbolism and imagery of the moon. Jules Cashford has explored the myths and legends around this heavenly body from all over the world, which see it as the agent of change and transformation.

Here’s what some of the reviewers said about the hardback:

“The author’s range of reference is boundless…Cashford can analyse the poetry and the myths exhaustively without diminishing them for a moment.” Tom Payne in The Daily Telegraph.

“A lucidly written, beautifully illustrated book that casts fresh light both scholarly and imaginative on its theme.” Lindsay Clarke in Resurgence.

“It is rare today to see a genuinely epic work of mythography like this one.” Barry Patterson in Caduceus.

“The book offers an irresistible invitation to our senses and imagination as well as to our mind.” Ann Shearer in Harvest: Journal for Jungian Studies.

“As illuminated by Cashford, the moon becomes, once again, a magic mirror, giving us back ourselves.” Nita Sembrowich in the Journal of the Temenos Academy

“It is one of those incomparable studies that guide, sustain, heal and fulfil the special needs of these times.” Thomas Berry, author of The Dream of the Earth.

The Moon was published in paperback on 23rd April 2016.

ISBN: 978-1-911122-06-7. Buy on Hive.

The Moon is available in a Spanish translation from Atalanta and an Italian translation is coming from Venexia.