Seven Miles of Steel Thistles

Adult non-fiction, folk and fairy tales.Seven Miles of Steel Thistles

Katherine Langrish’s blog of the same name began in 2009 and is now regularly visited by readers from the United States to Japan. There she discusses folklore, fairy tales and fantasy, taking their study seriously, in the spirit of scholars such as Katherine Briggs and Jacqueline Simpson, but always with a light and graceful touch.

In her book for The Greystones Press, Katherine explores fairy tales, ballads and folk tales.  She reflects on the role of women in fairy tales, discusses specific tales such as Briar Rose and The Juniper Tree, and looks at wider themes of White Ladies, Water Spirits, Fairy Brides and many more.

Seven Miles of Steel Thistles was published in paperback and e-book on 23rd April 2016.

ISBN: 978-1-911122-04-3 (paperback), 978-1-911122-05-0 (ebook). Buy on Hive.

“Langrish does not have theories. What she has done so brilliantly, either making general points or addressing specific stories or themes, is tell us stories about the stories: where they might have

come from, what they might mean, or whether they are meant to mean anything. (Of faeryland, that “other place” which is neither the world, heaven, purgatory or hell, from where those we thought dead might, very rarely, be rescued, she says: “This is the fantasy of grief,” and I have never heard a better explanation.) It is all spun out so seemingly artlessly, or naturally, that you feel as if you are sitting cross-legged, gripped, like a child hearing one of these stories for the first time.” Nicholas Lezard’s Choice Guardian