Tell me no Truths by Gill Vickery

October 2018 Paperback £8.99 ISBN–13: 9781911122234 eBook £3.99 ISBN–13: 9781911122241 Also available on epub sites A story of family secrets. Three modern teenagers meet in Florence to discover the truth about a revered grandfather and a literary recluse. Their searches overlap and intertwine to reveal the shocking truth about past betrayal and present revenge. A[…]

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Black Wings by Sophie Masson

October 2018 A historical novel both grand and intimate in scope, Black Wings vividly portrays, through the interlocking stories of Jacques and his friends and their shifting commitments, the human experience of a time of great tumult. Paperback £9.99 ISBN–13: 9781911122197 eBook £4.99 ISBN–13: 9781911122203 Also available on epub sites Buy on Hive

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The Sword of Ice and Fire

“The Sword of Ice and Fire bears all the marks of John Matthews’ great knowledge of the historical/ mythical setting, the clarity of his prose, and a sure sense of narrative momentum.” Philip Pullman, Author of the His Dark Materials and Book of Dust trilogies, winner of the Costa overall award and Carnegie Medal An[…]

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Bone Music

STOP PRESS: Bone Musoc has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2019! “A shaman heroine’s spirit-haunted romance… The bone music of her skull fiddle winds through battles, betrayal and revenge. A great read.” Susan Price, Winner of the Carnegie Medal and Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize It is Mongolia in the 12th century. Spirits walk under[…]

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An Interview with Katherine Langrish

You may have heard of our publication Seven Miles of Steel Thistles by Katherine Langrish. Here she talks about her fascination with fairy tales, which started at a young age. We’re sure you’ll be entranced, especially by the story in which modern women might have to resist the pull of the vacuum-cleaner!  

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TCM front cover

The Celian Moment by Charles Williams edited by Stephen Barber

The first collection of Williams’s literary essays for over fifty years Charles Williams was the ‘third Inkling’, friend of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. His work was also admired by T. S. Eliot, Dorothy L. Sayers and W. H Auden among others. These essays have been gathered from books, pamphlets and periodicals[…]

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WSWB front cover

When she was Bad by Amy Lovell

It is almost by chance that Léonie Woodbridge finds out that she killed her sister – or did she? A murder mystery with a difference. It is 1980 when Léonie begins the search for what really happened thirty years before. Her hunt for the truth leads her to suspect everyone and nothing she has been[…]

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TRB front cover

The Ravenmaster’s Boy by Mary Hoffman

[iframe style=”width:120px;height:240px;” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ src=”” Young Kit finds himself on a plague cart wedged between the bodies of his mother and father. But he is alive and is rescued and taken into the home of the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London. He soon finds he can speak the language of the big[…]

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Moon fc final

The Moon: Symbol of Transformation

We couldn’t resist the chance to re-issue this unique book on the symbolism and imagery of the moon. Jules Cashford has explored the myths and legends around this heavenly body from all over the world, which see her (and sometimes him) as the agent of change and transformation.

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Seven Miles of Steel Thistles

Katherine Langrish’s blog of the same name began in 2009 and is now regularly visited by readers from the United States to Japan. In this book of essays she discusses fairy tales, ballads and folklore, taking their study seriously, in the spirit of scholars such as Katherine Briggs and Jacqueline Simpson, but always with a light and graceful touch.

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