What’s your type?

When you start off as a publisher, there is a plethora of things to think about and do. So it was a relief that we didn’t have to think too hard about what typeface we wanted for our lettering on book jackets. As great admirers of the book production values of Faber & Faber, we quickly settled on Albertus font for our YA fiction and adult non-fiction titles.


We saw the blocks for this at a very interesting exhibition called Designs on Britain at the Jewish Museum London, in Camden Town. It’s on till 15th April and well worth a visit. It charts the effect of Jewish emigré designers on the look of public life in Britain – road and Underground signage, public information posters and yes, printed books.

Albertus was designed by Berthold Wolpe at the end of the 30s after he left Germany. You can see a fascinating video on YouTube about his work.

Albertus doesn’t always work for our adult novels but we are  pleased with the look of it on our two latest YA  titles:

Bone MusicSword cover

You can read about these terrific novels on our Books page.