Polishing the jewel

We’ve been busy editing on two new titles for October 2018. The first is an adult novel set in the French Revolution by Australian writer Sophie Masson. It’s called Black Wings and is a gripping new view of a well documented period of history. The other is Tell me no Truths by Gill Vickery, a split time YA novel set in Italy 2005 and 1944 and revealing painful family secrets.

We call this stage, after the first enthusiastic read and before the books go to¬† our copy editor, “polishing the jewel.” We try to set the story aside, apart from checking for continuity errors, and home in or formatting, grammar and punctuation. Hyphens where en-dashes are required, extra spaces, two-dot ellipses can all be caught by the editor but it helps if we check for them first.

This may sound dull and pedestrian but there are also things like writers putting one name when they mean another or repeating words. This is where verbal tics also show up and can be gently pointed out to the author.

Meantime, we’ve been putting the April titles into production. A lovely box has arrived containing Bone Music: the Legend of Genghis Khan by Katherine Roberts.

Bone Music copyThe gorgeous cover combines the artistry of Justin Brown (MaskedManDesign.co.uk) and our usual designer, Nigel Hazle. It reflects perfectly the quality of the book, which is a long YA novel, with plenty of sex and violence and a strong three part structure in which the early years of the Khan are seen from different ppoints of view.

We have another YA novel coming out in April, which we’ll tell you about next month.

Our existing list is also doing well. The Ravenmaster’s Boy has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal and is on the shortlist for the Hillingdon Secondary Book of the Year Award. We have s Japanese edition of David: the Unauthorised Autobiography coming out and are negotiating an American edition of The Celian Moment. Watch this space!