A tale of two covers

You may notice that on the book page for Tell me no Truths there is a new cover. There is a story behind this. The “original” cover, which was itself very hard to achieve and took many versions, was this:

01046a Tell Me No Truths

It was a great look, covering both the WW2 treachery and bloodshed story of the partisans in Italy and the flowers from the Primavera by Botticelli, which is significant in the modern strand of the plot.

Then at the eleventh hour, we discover that a YA Buyer for a major bookshop here in the UK would not stock a YA title with the image of a gun on the cover. Consternation!

But we now have a new and completely different cover, looking more YA in feel and the colour blue, which is apparently popular with buyers.


It features the three teenagers, Goth Nico and the twins Jade and Amber, who feature in the modern day story. You can tell they are in Florence but not about the historical story. Maybe the first one was trying to do too much? Anyway, we and the author are pleased with the new version and we have learned something as publishers.