Top Ten Fairytales

Hello and welcome to the first blog from The Greystones Press! This is the first in what will be an approximately monthly blog, bringing you some extra value, we hope, in the form of author interviews, top tens and other extra tidbits. Last year we published the marvellous Seven Miles of Steel Thistles by Katherine[…]

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Charles Williams essays

The Greystones Press has been given a bursary from the Charles Williams Society towards the production of a collection of Charles Williams’ Essays, The Celian Moment, edited by Stephen Barber, to be published 6th October 2016.

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Moon fc final

The Moon: Symbol of Transformation

We couldn’t resist the chance to re-issue this unique book on the symbolism and imagery of the moon. Jules Cashford has explored the myths and legends around this heavenly body from all over the world, which see her (and sometimes him) as the agent of change and transformation.

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Seven Miles of Steel Thistles

Katherine Langrish’s blog of the same name began in 2009 and is now regularly visited by readers from the United States to Japan. In this book of essays she discusses fairy tales, ballads and folklore, taking their study seriously, in the spirit of scholars such as Katherine Briggs and Jacqueline Simpson, but always with a light and graceful touch.

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