About Us

mary3The Greystones Press was founded by Mary Hoffman and Stephen Barber. She is a much-published writer for children of all ages, teenagers and recently, adults. He is a widely-read polymath, an amateur musician with an interest in the liberal arts. They are married to each other and have three grown-up daughters.

stephenThe impetus to set up The Greystones Press came when Mary and Stephen realized that there were a lot of good
books out there that the big publishing houses were not picking up. Most commercial publishers have high overheads and rely on large print runs, quick sales and books which may not be of lasting value. We, on the other hand, will choose only titles we feel passionate about, which are of high quality and which will continue to find readers over a period of time.

IMG_0902We want to cultivate a good personal relationship with our writers, to work in partnership with them and tailor our approach to suit each book. We use professional editors, designers and publicity specialists and our book production will be of a high standard to match the content. To achieve these high standards, we are limiting our list to a small number of titles per year. We want to build up trust in The Greystones Press: trust in readers in the quality of our books and trust in writers in the integrity of our professional approach.

The team

The Greystones Press has been assembling a crack team of freelancers and consultants to help in our new venture. They are all professionals and have been absolute stars in guiding us through the early stages:

Copy-editing and project management

Ilona Jasiewicz


Nick de Somogyi, Gill Clack (fiction) and Sadie Copley-May (non-fiction)

Text and cover design

Nigel Hazle

Cover illustration

Joe McLaren (Shakespeare’s Ghost and The Ravenmaster’s Boy); Jess Lloyd-Mostyn (David),  Nigel Hazle, Wil Kingham and  Justin Brown


Special thanks to Talya Baker and Nigel Hazle who went above and beyond the brief time after time on our initial list. Talya now works full time for another publisher but Nigel is still with us.

Ordering our books

We work with David Manson, who specialises in small independent presses at Gardners, the book wholesalers.

Orders: Gardners Books +44 (0) 1323 521777 sales@gardners.com